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Business Wealth Well-Being
Relationships Giving Back Sales
Special Feature every month includes interviews with people such as Dr. Phil McGraw, Richard Branson, Suze Orman, Michael J. Fox, Tony Hawk, Lance Armstrong, David Foster, Serena Williams, Donald Trump, Wayne W. Dyer, Deepak Chopra, and many more.

Regular Contributors

Darren Hardy (Publisher) Mel Robbins John C. Maxwell
Dr. Mike Roizen Dr. Mehmet Oz Chelsea Greenwood
T. Harv Eker Deepak Chopra Many Others

What it Offers

  • Seeds of Success – A weekly newsletter with Success tips delivered straight to your email inbox
  • 10 Actions You Can Take Right Now – Suggested steps for your action plan to get you heading in the right direction
  • Starting Points – Books, Websites, Quotes
  • On The Bookshelf – Recommended books to read
  • Profiles in Greatness – Profiles of successful people from throughout history
  • Success Book Summaries – “The very best ideas from 36 books in less than 15 minutes per week.”
  • Monthly audio interviews with subject matter experts available online and in every printed issue
  • RSS Feeds – Offers daily articles on different topics, including Relationships, Wealth, Business
  • Success for Women is also available –

Why LTI Recommends It

A friend introduced me to this magazine a little over a year ago and within the month I was a subscriber. It’s a publication that focuses on helping people achieve more through action. Whether it be spending more time with your family, writing down your goals and creating an action plan, reading and studying more, or just learning new techniques for sales or giving back to your community, this magazine provides the encouragement to get started. It’s a great resource for reminding us what’s important and how to live better lives.

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