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The first time I came across this magazine it’s cover had a close-up of a beautiful face broken out in laughter. As it turned out, the whole magazine was about laughter. Why it is good for us, how it affects our bodies, how we can do more of it. Did you know there’s even something called laughter yoga? I didn’t before I found Ode Magazine. That is the great thing about Ode Magazine. They tell you the good news, they highlight the positive trends, they expose the movements going on in the world that will bring positive change. As their tag line suggests, the magazine is geared towards the “intelligent optimist” who is looking for a little good news among all the bad, and what’s more is that Ode Magazine delivers on it’s promise. Below I break down how:

The Magazine

♦ The Paper Edition can be found in most book stores / magazine shops
♦ The Digital Edition can be found on the right hand side of the front page of the website (see link above)
♦ It is published 8 times per year
♦ Subscriptions to this magazine are available
♦ This month’s feature – 25 Intelligent Optimists Who Are Creating A Better Tomorrow Today (They asked 25 famous people to nominate their choice for someone who is not famous but is working to create a better world)

The Blog

♦ Visit the website and click on the blog page
♦ People from all over the world are able to post their words of inspiration to this site
♦ On the right-hand side you will see a list of bloggers from all over the world, including Canada, the USA, Netherlands, Iraq, Brazil, and more
♦ Examples of blog titles – The Healing Power of Touch, Reclaiming our true self, List of best all-time peace songs, Renewing my license to dream, Discussing Poverty, and more…

The Exchange

♦ Visit the website and click on the exchange page
♦ This page enables readers to share their ideas, experiences and stories with other members of Ode’s worldwide community.
♦ Anyone can write an entry.
♦ The topics can be personal experiences, descriptions of worthwhile businesses, individuals, ideas or initiatives, or references to innovative websites, books, films or music.

Good News Stories

♦ Readers can sign up to receive a daily dish of good news or you can just visit the site regularly to catch up
♦ Examples of current good news stories on the site – The 11 most bike-friendly cities in the world, Haiti quake: A plan for reconstruction from Architecture for Humanity, The compassionate instinct, Sanjay Gupta performs emergency brain surgery in Haiti, Revisiting the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

Intelligent Optimists

♦ Millions of people are making a difference in the world, this page on the website allows you or others in the world to make a tribute to these people
♦ Ode Magazine invites you to tell them about a changemaker who deserves wider recognition
♦ Read the profiles or submit your own. Either way, this is a great spot to see how many people out there are working to make the world a better place, and some of the ideas you will see here will amaze you.


♦ Join the social network
♦ Communicate and interact with Ode readers to share your passions, concerns and solutions
♦ Share ideas, post photos, post and view upcoming events related to each group
♦ This is the place to find like-minded individuals to converse with about topics that are important to you. It is also a place where ideas and thoughts can be pooled together, which if turned into action, can lead to big changes.


♦ Ode’s daily e-newsletter brings you a brief summary of the positive stories that are being reported on around the world.
♦ Ode’s weekly e-newsletter is for those seeking positive change in the world. Each week they will update you on what’s going on at www.odemagazine.com.They will post featured magazine articles, Exchange items from readers like you, blogs, and a selection of Ode readers you may want to meet.
♦ Both of these options are free to sign up.
♦ If the newsletters don’t appeal to you there is always Facebook and Twitter. Find the Facebook group or connect with the Ode Magazine Tweets.

Now is the time to take in the good news. Please leave your comments below to share your favourite feature of Ode Magazine.

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