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I haven’t actually visited the MoneySense website in a while, but in preparing for this blog post I took another journey back. What I found was very exciting. They have given their website a facelift and now offer many different ways to connect with them (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, RSS Feeds). Maybe it’s just me, but I really get excited about that because now I can have articles sent straight to my Google Reader, which I can then peruse every morning to see what catches my interest.

All this and I haven’t even mentioned the personal financial planning content! Since that is the most important part, the following is a list of the 7 key reasons you need to read MoneySense Magazine:

1.  Canadian Content – A lot of the time we are subjected to American content when it comes to financial news or personal financial planning. MoneySense offers all the news and information we need from a Canadian perspective.

2.  Online Content / Blog / Newsletter/ Forums – With so many options to connect, gaining access to this wealth of information is just a click away.

3.  Easy to Read – I love MoneySense for the fact that it uses plain english to explain financial matters for every level. This is the magazine I first started reading to learn more about investing and financial planning. Now I am a DRIP and ETF investor and take courses to learn more whenever I can. Talk about getting a head start.

4.  Topics include Planning / Investing / Real Estate / More – Another reason why Canadian content is important.

5.  Great Lists - Who doesn’t want to know what the best paying lottery in Canada is, the world’s top stocks, or the top countries to invest in?

6.  Get Your Subscription with Airmiles – Can it get any easier than this? Do you have a few Airmiles to spare? Head on over to and get your subscription to MoneySense magazine.

7.  Couch Potato Investing – Learn how to manage your own portfolio of stocks in less than 15 minutes a year. It’s been a rocky couple of years, but the couch potato approach will give you a nice balanced portfolio that you can individually gear towards your own risk tolerance.

Hopefully I have convinced you to at least take a look at this site and think about learning more about your own personal finances. Education is the #1 key to taking control of your own financial situation, and for Canadians especially, it’s hard to find a better starting point than this.

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