Two Monks Come to a River.....A Lesson in Letting Go

Sometimes we hang on to events from our past that cause us worry or burden us with what could have / should have happened. In this story, two monks teach us a lesson in letting those burdens go (author is unknown). Let me know what you think.

Two Buddhist Monks were on a journey, one was a senior monk, the other a junior monk. During their journey they approached a raging river and on the river bank stood a young lady. She was clearly concerned about how she would get to the other side of the river without drowning.

The junior monk walked straight past her without giving it a thought and he crossed the river. The senior monk picked up the woman and carried her across the river. He placed her down, they parted ways with woman and on they went with the journey.

In the evening the younger monk came to the elder monk and said, “Sir, as monks, we cannot touch a woman?”

The elder monk answered “yes, brother”.

Then the younger monk asks again, “but then Sir, why is it you lifted that woman by the river?”

The elder monk smiled at him and told him “I left the woman

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