Your Stance: Do Soul Mates Really Exist?

I received a really good article the other day from Bliss Tree (another blog) called “The Great Soulmate Debate”. I haven’t posted any writings on relationships yet, so when this article came to me I thought why not start with one of the more controversial theories of love.

The idea of a soul mate is one that is much debated. The “Hollywood” definition seems to be that there is only one person on this earth that will match you perfectly, where love and relationships are glorified into stories of great passion, infatuation, and excitement. But is that real? According to the Encarta Dictionary, the definition of a soul mate is “somebody with whom somebody else naturally shares deep feelings and attitudes.” Not exactly the same thing. In perusing the thesaurus I found something even more interesting in that the synonyms for soul mate included such words as friend, pal, companion, partner, chum. Those aren’t exactly the most passionate words out there, but are they more realistic?

You can read the whole Bliss Tree article here, but the main point this author shares is that soul mates do not exist. In fact, the author goes as far

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